So we've moved...

to Port St. Lucie.

It fucking sucks donkey balls. There's nothing to do here. At all.

The *only* plus side is we're in a bigger, better, nicer house.

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Ugh, so annoyed...

Is it just me, or has the service industry gone to shit?

Every time I call to order something/get help/ask a question, I call and call leave message after message and NO ONE CALLS ME BACK.

I'm practically saying "I want to give you money, answer the fucking phone"

Ugh. So fucking frustrated.
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...So, I won an entry to an online poker tournament that the winner gets a seat in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

218 people are in it.

It starts in 5 minutes.

Holy crap. >.
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This is JUST wtf enough to ruin childhood memories...

Don't know if is it old, but I'll take my dose of possible fail for the massive lawlz.

NSFW for audio content...

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Kind of sad...

I'm kind of really hurt that I wasn't invited to my friend's wedding that I've known for almost a decade...

We don't see each other but every couple months except for when he comes to visit his mom.

He doesn't call me, I don't call him. It's not for a falling out, it's just because life gets in the way. Doesn't mean I care for him any less.

And the fact that a mutual friend of ours that's known him just as long was invited and not me, hurts.



Stream of conciousness Part 1

I can't stop listening to Depeche Mode - In Your Room, The Cure - Lullaby, and The Cure - Fascination Street.

Over and over and over.

If it was possible to have a sordid love affair with music, I'd have a hot, steamy, raunchy all night fuck-fest with these three songs.

They bring out this...animalistic need to....exist and love and breathe and sink my teeth into tender flesh.

So odd to describe.

I'm almost done reading Vi Johnson's "To Obey, To Love, To Serve: Diary Of An Old Guard Slave" and I've never felt an author reach out from a book and draw me into how she's feeling, loving, acting. She writes so raw and passionately, I *feel* every moment of joy and sorrow, of passion and pain. It's very rare that written words can stir up such raw feeling, I'm usually a very visual person.

I feel trapped in my current living situation. Working on correcting it, but I can't be myself. I have to censor every act and word I do. And I hate it.



I just found out Kevin Spacey is gay.

I don't really know why it's affected me so much, but it has.

I feel so disillusioned....